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End to finish Course of administration from the traditional paper to digital transformation. Retrieval and Audits requiring fast evidences made simpler with technology. From focussing on helping you progress in direction of a paperless workplace to trying to help you schedule and manage workflows, Doc Management System does it all. This software is unlike anything we reviewed, supplying you with the opportunity to track documents and control who sees what. It also means that you can scan your paper documents and categorize them based mostly on their content, besides offering you the instruments essential to arrange and edit your digital documents. In a small group, File administration software program must be accessible to all employees, however it is best to be capable of set up multiple security levels to manage who can work with certain documents. Totally different from the other doc management softwares we reviewed, this Document Management System may be very simple to implement in your office. Each change made to your documents is tracked and monitored, permitting you to stay attuned to the work executed in your workplace. Although there are a number of organizations providing file managementin India, we satisfaction ourselves for having worked with a few of topmost purchasers in a number of industries like Symbiosis and Zee Enterprise. 1) Secured Log-in - Three tier security logins. Impartial logins for a number of institutions and their branches. Access control, four ranges of document management (Create, View, modify, lock), encrypted knowledge primarily based amongst other safety futures with digital signature management for document release. 2) Web Access: - Impartial browsers access. 4) Watched folders - over utilization, tagged and steadily used or noticed. 5)Download History tracking: - Observe obtain history user smart and designation wise. 6) Person logs- Track staff and their exercise together with locations. 7)Alerts and Reminders - statutory compliance, industrial and different notifications via emails, Pending, Overdue tasking, doc holding interval notification by way of listings. 8)Document Inward and outward Notifications: - Copies With marking of date and time stampings and register upkeep for the movement of inward and outward documents. 9)Paperwork Subscription - notification of adjustments - Automated information circulation to owner of document and related customers. 10) Prioritizing: - Document administration with priority stage and importance level. Entry management for downloading on the time of importing itself. 11) Doc Indexing - Document indexing and numbering facility for cabinet control. 12) Favorite documents - Guide marking Facility, publish it noting, sticky noting, process allocation. 13) Dialogue boards- Intranet, challenge discussion, doc dialogue, historical past maintenances, commenting. 14) Picture Fusion- Scanned documents may be fusioned collectively in .pdf format to accommodate a number of papers of the identical doc. 15) Reverse Indexing:- Keeping monitor of unique document, retrieval of document. 16) Storage and backup:- Paperwork ageing , migration of the paperwork from one storage media to another storage media, automated backup by way of mirroring, encryption and eventual doc destruction. Establishment clever and branch wise. 17) Shared document Distribution, Updating, Share single document with multi users, Updating, associated process assignment, auto ahead next part or process. 18) Automated Workflow: - Paper Course of flow control, index control mapping management. 19) Versioning: - Allowing users to retrieve earlier versions and to proceed working from a selected level with Test In and check out facility so as to obtain the latest up to date doc. 20) Searching: - Search using template, attributes or full text search, a number of key phrases, To From dates, location, or by the user and his/her designation, Institution smart and department or location wise. 21) Reproduction: - Reproduction of documents to its original scale upon printing. 22) Scanning and uploading: - Document administration System will have the necessary add services to upload batch documents or single doc by direct tagging. 23) Reviews: - Stage wise document move report, dimension of cabinet, consumer activity, MIS, Dashboard, completion of folder or status of mission documentation. 24) Customization: - Product is owned by SIPL and as such can be custom-made to accommodate further necessities.